Board Nominees

The nominating committee has nominated the following candidates for the two available seats on the Board:

Crystal Gardner a c2cfcu member since 1987, provides a solid foundation having volunteered on the Board since 2007 and serving as Chairman of the Board since 2010. Crystal is the proud owner of a successful roofing company, serving the greater Tampa Bay area since 2004.
Ken Wood a c2cfcu member since 1978, had previously served on the Board for over 20 years. Ken provides a unique perspective with having worked for UPS, our largest field of membership, for over 14 years. Ken has also served as President of Teamsters Local 79 for 24 years and the Local 79 Executive Board for over 45 years.
Our newest member, Samantha Maxwell has been a c2cfcu member since 2018. Samantha provides a fresh perspective from the millennial point of view, representing the potential members c2cfcu aspires to attract. Samantha is currently working towards obtaining her Masters Degree in Business Administration from Purdue University.

Members petitioning for a spot on the Board of Directors include:
1. Brian Rothman     2. Gerald Stack     3. Olga Gonzalez     4. Bruce Koehler

Elections will be held at the Credit Union during the annual meeting at 5:30 pm on March 19, 2020.